Hypercharger HYC50 | Elevate your EV journey with fast charging

Are you ready to fast charge your electric vehicle? Alpitronic’s HYC50 does the trick for you

Key Features:

✅ Fast Charging: 50 kW charging on one vehicle and 2 x 25 kW parallel charging.
✅ Compact Design: Suitable for a variety of installation locations with compact and space-efficient design.
✅ Universal Compatibility: Designed to work with a wide range of electric vehicle models with charging standards CCS and CHAdeMO.
✅ User-Friendly: Intuitive interface makes it easy for users to initiate and monitor charging sessions.
✅ Payment Options: Flexible payment options, including credit card payments and RFID card.
✅ Energy Efficiency: 97.5 % overall efficiency, helping to minimize energy costs.
✅ Built to Last: Withstands heavy usage and guarantees long-term reliability.

Why choose HYC50?

– Go further with confidence, knowing you can top up quickly.
– Support a sustainable future with EV charging solutions.

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Discover all the details about the HYC50 50kW fast charger on our product page:

FI: Hypercharger 50 kW sähköajoneuvon pikalatauslaite – InterControl


Hypercharger HYC50 is a 50 kW fast charger that powers up your EV experience!