Hypercharger 75 – 300 kW

Key features

  • 75-300kW All-in-one ultrafast charger
  • Scaleable solution in 75kW steps
  • Dynamic load balancing
  • Full power from 300-1000V
  • 500A DC continuous charging current
  • CCS 2 500A HPC cable cooled and uncooled
  • CCS 2 250A uncooled cable
  • CHAdeMO 125A and 200A
  • Two charging points
  • Up to 3 DC cables (eichrechtskonform)
  • AC 22kW option with socket or cable
  • OCPP 1.6 JSON
  • ISO 15118
  • Credit card terminal option
  • Easy serviceability and low maintenance
  • Remote monitoring and support

Fast charging system for EVs

Hypercharger is the most compact and powerful HPC solution on the market. It is absolutely future-proof in terms of norms, future standards and all new electric vehicle designs. It is available in two housing sizes, four power options and many cable options. It provides charging voltage across nearly the entire range from 150 Vdc up to 1000 Vdc which makes it possible to charge also the most technologically advanced electric vehicles and heavy traffic vehicles by CCS.

Hypercharger’s modular design is unique on the market and makes possible to deliver a tailored solution without compromising performance or sacrificing quality. Ingenious Matrix technology allows power stacks to be connected parallel automatically when the vehicle requests high power or to charge multiple EV’s simultaneously, depending on the number of power stacks, the amount of charging cables installed and the layout on the site.

Outstanding design, ease-of-use, high-reliability and always the best charging performance are the guarantee factors for customer satisfaction. Due to the All-In-One design the footprint and the installation cost are low. It also allows to make best use of existing space on the site. A high degree of serviceability helps to ensure high uptimes and short service use. Many problems can be solved by  manufacturer’s remote connection even before they appear to customers or the operator.

Hypercharger is possible to install with only one 75 kW power stack and later easily add more power stacks when there is need to upgrade power output. Hypercharger is very scalable and simple to maintenance, investment in Hypercharger will continue to pay dividends for many tomorrows to come.

Create your own Hypercharger


Technical info

Type codeMax charging kWInput voltageOutput DC voltage rangeMaximum output current per cableNumber of cablesFuse A
HYC 75753x400V/3x480V150V - 1000V250A1200 A gG
HYC 1501503x400V/3x480V150V - 1000V500A1-2355 A gG
HYC 2252253x400V/3x480V150V - 1000V500A1-3500 A gG
HYC 3003003x400V/3x480V150V - 1000V500A1-3630 A gG

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