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InterControl is a Nordic specialist of cleaner traffic and High Power Charging. We offer EV charging solutions and services for professionals.

Hypercharger – the most compact and powerful High Power Charging solution on the market 

Hypercharger is the most compact and powerful HPC solution on the market. It is absolutely future-proof in terms of norms, future standards and all new electric vehicle designs. It is available in two housing sizes, four power options and many cable options. It provides charging voltage across nearly the entire range from 150 Vdc up to 1000 Vdc which makes it possible to charge also the most technologically advanced electric vehicles and heavy traffic vehicles by CCS.

Outstanding design, ease-of-use, high-reliability and always the best charging performance are the guarantee factors for customer satisfaction. Due to the All-In-One design the footprint and the installation cost are low. It also allows to make best use of existing space on the site. A high degree of serviceability helps to ensure high uptimes and short service use. Many problems can be solved by  manufacturer’s remote connection even before they appear to customers or the operator.

Only products we are using ourselves 

We offer a selection of high quality, European products. We have chosen and tested every product for you.


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InterControl is a trusted specialist in EV charging solutions and especially in High Power Charging. We offer a quality selection of European AC- and DC-products. Our main operating area is the Nordics and the Baltics is our secondary area. Our Russian speaking team is also working in Russia and CIS-countries.

We are happy to help you with all of your EV charging needs and we will gladly answer any questions.