Our story

A Nordic specialist of cleaner traffic and High Power Charging

As one of the first companies in the business, our knowledge is our advantage.

Our story

InterControl has been operating in the industry since 2011.

Our vision has always been to grow into a major, nationwide charging system supplier and in that we have succeeded. The next big step is to be a major supplier in the Baltics.

What do we offer?

Only charging systems that we use ourselves. Our selection has grown over the years and we are now moving from DC-charging to High Power Charging.

We offer the most versatile collection in the market and very good quality, European products as well as improved system for transmission and distribution of electricity.

Who are our customers?

Our clients are parking garages, the public sector, energy companies, hotels, malls, condominiums and many more.

What do we think?

Quality is an important value for us. We want to contribute into developing cleaner traffic in the Nordics and in the Baltics. We are standing in the frontline.

It’s already clear that the amount of EV’s will grow rapidly in the future. HPC will become more and more popular. Heavy traffic and construction machines will electrify even more. The world has seen just a scratch.

Where are we?

Figuratively we are standing on a vantage point watching and developing the industry in our homeland and internationally with our partners.

Literally we are sitting in Turku, Finland and our location is excellent: we are operating in the middle of the Nordics and can stretch anywhere.