The Back-end of our Charging solution takes care of the charge management

The Back-end of our Charging solution enables effortless and simple charge management, real-time event tracking, flexible pricing, and security of service.


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User identification

Back-end is capable of identifying each user and therefore authoricizing the charging session in order to create a charging transaction for the billing and reporting. The user can be identified by for example Mobile application or RFID card. In some cases the user identification is possible with any card payment or near future directly through EV; using Plug&Charge or AutoCharge methods.

Mobile application

With the help of Mobile application the user can really easy find the most suitable charging point, control his own charging points or EV data, identify for the charging session or even pay for the charging directly with the credit card. The Mobile application is available at the mobile platform dedicated app shops; both Android and iOS (Apple) devices are compatible.

Payment terminal

The integrated or separately installed payment terminals are communicating with the Back-end enabling the usage of different payment cards. With the help of the payment terminal the charging event can be billed in real-time and the user can see the event among the normal other payments in the account balance sheet.

The interface is easy to use and navigation is simple

The back-end enables i.a. access control and user statistics

The back-end provides easily a comprehensive overview of consumption and the status of charging stations

Real-time transaction tracking

Tracking the charging transactions in real-time enables the information about how many cars are charging at the exact moment or how much power is used in the same time frame. All the compatible chargers can be controlled remotely, use different charging tarifs and supervise the usage. The transparent and equal sharing of charging cost is important, both per kWh and possibly according to fixed cost, for example using parking tarifs.

Flexible pricing enables the billing according to the time used for charging or per energy consumption

Using flexible pricing enables different charging points their own dedicated prices, according to the time used for charging or per energy consumption. Additionally different prices can be used for daytime and night-time due to the changing energy tarifs. If there are two different charging points in the charger even these can be defined to have different prices. The Back-end will be able to record the energy consumption or the charging time per user, enabling the billing according to the used time or kWH.

Reports and other different information sheets are easy to create for different purposes

The Electric Vehicle defines how much power it can take from the EV Charger. The BEVs can extract more power than PHEVs (Plug-in hybrids). The information of the charging events (Charging Data Records) per user are possible to download for example every month or any agreed time period. The user can pay also directly with their credit card depending on the chosen charging solution.

Regular status check from each charging station

For the support of the service reliability the Back-end checks the status of each charger regularly. If there is no information available for the charger the system sends an alarm immediately and this can be forwarded per email or sms to different recipients, for example to the service company. The repair personnel has the possibility according to the alarm message to go to the location rightaway or start other activities in the agreed service response time. For example the compatible charger can be restarted again remotely.

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