Latinki 11

Latinki 11 – 11 kW DC Wallbox with V2G/V2H feature and CCS-charging

Our bidirectional DC Wallbox, Latinki 11, brings new opportunities to use EVs as additional energy storages in different environments, both industrial and residential. The use of latest SiC- technologies in the structure of Latinki 11 enables more efficient power usage, for both charging and discharging. V2G/V2H adds new ways of optimizing the energy levels, especially the timing of the energy usage from the different sources; solar, wind, EV and grid for significant cost savings.

Key features

  • 11 kW DC bidirectional charging V2G/V2H
  • 3-phase 400V AC input
  • 3-phase 120-500V DC output with 30 A
  • CCS –charging
  • IP54 and IK10
  • ISO15118 compatible
  • Easy to use with RFID –card or directly
  • Includes the latest Silicon-Carbide-materials based technology

V2G brings new Alternative to Charging

Saves by shaving the peaks

Brings the produced energy back to Electric Grid

Brings money back, at home or at work

Did you know…

EV user can define the amount of discharge, to keep the EV ready to drive at all times

V2G dedicated EVs are safe to use for V2G functionalities for charging and discharging

The EV battery is built for V2G functionality, no effect on the battery life or capacity

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