Hypercharger HYC50

Key features

  • First 50kW wall mountable fast charger on market
  • 50kW charging on one vehicle and 2 x 25kW parallel charging possible
  • Continuous 150A charging current
  • Best in class efficiency > 97% (*)
  • In- and outdoor installation
  • Ultra low noise level < 50dBA (*)
  • V2G ready

V2G brings new Alternative to Charging

Saves by shaving the peaks

Brings the produced energy back to Electric Grid

Brings money back, at home or at work

Bidirectional DC-charging station for electric vehicles

HYC50 is very compact and the first 50 kW wall-mounted fast charger on the market. The charger can charge one vehicle at 50 kW power or two vehicles in parallel at 25 kW power. V2G capability allows power to be fed back from the vehicle to the grid.