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When providing charging points, you offer your employees and customers the best service. Our smart charging solutions are scalable and created to serve the needs of today and future.

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HYC50 pikalataus

Hypercharger 50kw fast charger

Hypercharger HYC50

Fast charging provides a 50 kW charge for a single vehicle and 2 x 25 kW parallel charging. Its compact design is suitable for various installation locations, thanks to its space-saving structure. Universal compatibility is ensured by its design, allowing it to work with multiple models of electric vehicles that have CCS and CHAdeMO charging standards.

User-friendliness is key, as the intuitive user interface makes it easy for users to initiate and monitor charging sessions. Flexible payment options, including credit card payments and the use of RFID cards, are available. Additionally, the system’s energy efficiency is excellent, achieving a 97.5% overall efficiency ratio, helping to minimize energy costs.

This fast charging system is built to withstand heavy usage and ensures long-term reliability.

Benefits of business charging

Flexible payment options

Paying is easy with a credit card or RFID tag

charging station service

Energy efficiency

97.5% overall efficiency to help minimize energy costs

ev charging stations

Fast charging

50 kW DC charging from one vehicle and 2 x 25 kW with parallel charging

Watch the video about our fast charging solution

We have delivered two fast chargers for public charging in the hotel’s parking lot, where charging can be conveniently paid by card.

Fast charging solution for the hotel parking lot

Services for business charging

The complete charging solution

Our complete charging solution includes everything needed for charging infra.

Charge management and billing solutions

We provide solutions for charge management and billing.

Service and maintenance

Timely maintenance minimizes possible error situations and at the same time ensures the reliable operation of the charging system and future updates in all situations.

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