Business Charging

Safe charging solutions for businesses

When providing charging points, you offer your employees and customers the best service. Our smart charging solutions are scalable and created to serve the needs of today and future. 


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Smart charging stations for business charging

From our range you can find easy-to-use, safe and efficient EV charging systems that are suitable for business charging.

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Charging stations and services for business charging

Suitable chargers for business charging 

We provide a wide range of chargers for safe charging. 

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The complete charging solution

Our complete charging solution includes everything needed for charging infra.

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Charge management and billing solutions

We provide solutions for charge management and billing. 

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Benefits of business charging

Smart charging solution

Smart charging solution is safe and cost-efficient.

charging station service

Back-end for charge management

The back-end system enables tracking of charging sessions, billing solutions and maintenance remotely.

ev charging stations

Load Management Solutions

Load management features ensure reliable operation and minimize the load on the local power grid.

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A Charging Solution was delivered to the workplace with Mennekes chargers with protection shields as a pole installation. The charger has dynamic load management up to one hundred charging points. The backend system enables charge tracking and can be combined with both payment and billing features.

Safe and efficient Charging Solution for companies

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