Charging Solution

Our Charging Solution includes everything you need for Electric Vehicle charging 

We want to make it easy and effortless for you to get a charging infrastructure! We offer the complete Charging Solution under the same umbrella.

Objective Survey

Chargers (AC and DC)

Power distribution


Maintenance and Service contracts

Charge management

Load Guard

The all-inclusive package includes


Reliable Survey objectively

A reliable and high-quality survey of the site is carried out by Kiwa Inspecta, which guarantees that the survey has been executed independently and impartially. After the survey, we can offer a suitable charging solution for the site.

ev charging stations

Versatile and high-quality chargers for various applications

From us you get versatile and high-quality Chargers for different applications – DC chargers for high-power and fast charging, and AC Chargers for all needs. In addition, our range includes all the necessary accessories.

back end for charge management

Back-end for charging system management and payment solutions

The back-end enables effortless and simple charging system management, real-time transaction tracking, flexible pricing, and security of service. Through the Back-end, you can easily browse the user’s charging data and energy consumption.
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busbars for power distribution

Busbars provide a cost-effective solution for power distribution

The busbar distribution system saves space and installation time. Busbars can be used to create charging readiness, so it will be easy to add chargers in the future.

deployment of charging station

Deploymenting the charging system ready for use

We deploy the chargers after installation, making them ready for charge immediately. In addition, we provide guidance to the users.

charging station service

Service and maintenance contract ensure fast assistance

Timely maintenance minimizes possible error situations and at the same time ensures the reliable operation of the charging system and future updates in all situations.

Back-end for effortless charge management

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Load Management – How does it work?

Dynamic Load Guard adjusts the charging power automatically, taking into account other consumption of the property and the charging needs of electric vehicles. Using Load Guard is important when multiple chargers share available power with other users. Load Guard monitors the local network and sends real-time data to the charger to maintain the set load.

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