We have delivered Smart Charging Solutions to different applications, discover more below.


Public Charging


Gas Station

Power Distribution

We delivered a Charging Solution to Condominium’s parking lot. Inch Pro Chargers installed directly in the electrical cabinet and the car heating boxes were added on top of the cabinet.

Smart Charging Solution for the Condominium’s parking lot

Inch Pro Chargers were delivered to the condominiums’s carport as a wall-mounted charging solution. Old car heating boxes remained next to them. Authentication to the charger is easy with an RFID tag.

Smart Charging Solution for the Condominium’s carport

More than 60 pole-mounted Inch Pro Chargers were delivered to the condominium’s parking garage.  Scalable dynamic load management ensures that power consumption is kept at the appropriate level. In addition, we delivered busbars to build charging capability in 104 parking places.

Smart Charging Solution for Condominium’s parking garage

Three Inch DUO Chargers were installed in the hotel’s parking lot, each with two charging points. The Charging Solution has a payment terminal that is connected to the backend system, making it possible to easily pay for charging with a Credit Card.

Make it easier to pay for charging and offer a Contactless Charging Solution in a Public Place

A Charging Solution was delivered to the workplace with Mennekes Chargers with protection shields as a pole installation. The charger has dynamic load management up to one hundred charging points. The backend system enables charge tracking and can be combined with both payment and billing features.

Safe and efficient Charging Solution for Companies

We have delivered Hypercharger High Power Chargers for Gas Stations

All-in-one Charging Solution for Gas Stations

Several Hypercharger High Power Chargers have been delivered to the Nordic countries.

Powerful and fast Charging Solution for Gas Stations

The Busbar System (160 A) was installed for the needs of charger’s power distribution. With the E-Line MK Busbars, charging capability were created and ables more chargers to be installed in the future.

Busbars provide solutions for all power distribution needs