Public Charging

Charging solutions for public charging

To ensure better service, offer electric car drivers the opportunity to charge their cars exactly where they are driving anyway. In our selection you will find chargers suitable for public sites.





Charging stations for the needs of public sites

Our experts know the requirements and needs of public sites – we deliver and install all equipment to your site on a turnkey basis and on a fast schedule. Through us, you will get your chargers taped according to your brand, we will set the settings and take care of everything so that your customers can immediately start using the charging points effortlessly. 

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Charging stations and services for public charging

Payment card-based charging solutions for public charging

Charging solutions that ables one-time payment with card. 

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The complete charging solution

Our complete charging solution includes everything needed for charging infra.

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Charge management and billing solutions

We provide solutions for charge management and billing. 

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Benefits of public charging

One-time payment with a payment card

Charging stations designed for public sites enable easy payment options with a credit card without separate identification.

charging station service


The chargers can be taped according to your company’s brand to ensure effective visibility.

ev charging stations

Load management solutions

Load management features ensure reliable operation and minimize the load on the local power grid.

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Three INCH Duo chargers were installed in the hotel’s parking lot, each with two charging points. The charging solution has a payment terminal that is connected to the backend system, making it possible to easily pay for charging with a credit card.

Make it easier to pay for charging and offer a Contactless Charging Solution in a public site

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