High quality Mennekes Chargers for every charging need

Mennekes diverse selection includes a suitable charger for homes, workplaces and public charging. 


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Smart Charging Solutions for housing companies, workplaces and public sector

Amtron Professional

A compelling total package for charging infrastructure of the future.

Amtron Premium

Great choice for housing cooperatives and work places. Easy to use, good accessories and safety.

Mennekes Charging Station

High-performance system with great extra features. Great choice for public places.

Amedio Professional

Future proof charging solution for public places.

Compact and easy-to-use chargers for home and private sector

Amtron Compact

Compact and easy. Small size and high quality meet in Compact.

Amtron Basic

Easy-to-use system for private sector. Simply operated with a key.

Amtron Xtra

Best choice for demanding users.

A Charging Solution was delivered to the workplace with Mennekes Chargers with protection shields as a pole installation. The charger has dynamic load management up to one hundred charging points. The backend system enables charge tracking and can be combined with both payment and billing features.

Safe and efficient Charging Solution for Companies

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