On-the-go Charging

Efficient charging solutions for on-the-go charging

We provide suitable charging stations for on-the-go charging that are efficient and EV driver can quickly continue the journey.


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Powerful high-power chargers charge up to 400 kW

Charging points for electric cars should be located where people use their cars anyway, such as shopping centres, hotels, petrol stations or other parking lots. Provide your customers a better customer experience by purchasing high-power DC chargers from our range of 50 to 400 kW power, which makes it easy to charge their electric car while shopping or running other errands.

We deliver and install all charging stations to your site on a turnkey basis and on a fast schedule. Through us, you will get your chargers taped according to your brand, we will set the settings in order and take care of everything so that your customers can immediately start using the charging points effortlessly.

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Charging stations and services for on-the-go charging

Charging stations for fast charging

We offer efficient chargers for high power charging.

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The complete charging solution

Our complete charging solution includes everything needed for charging infra.

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Charge management and billing solutions

We provide solutions for charge management and billing. 

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Benefits of high power charging


High-power chargers are modular, enabling them to increase and scale their power according to future needs.

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The chargers can be taped according to your company’s brand to ensure effective visibility.

ev charging stations

Efficient and fast charging

The high-power charger enables charging via CCS and parallel charging of up to three electric vehicles.

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We have delivered Hypercharger High Power Chargers for Gas Stations

All-in-one Charging Solution for Gas Stations

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