Etrel INCH Duo

INCH Duo is a durable charger, ready for continuous operation in demanding public locations.

Smart 2 x 22 kW INCH Duo is cost-efficient solution, which helps to reduce operational costs of charging infrastructure. Ergonomic design and a large
display with straightforward charging instructions combined with ad hoc payment options offer convenience for users.



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Etrel INCH Duo

INCH DUO is stylish charging station, which has two Type 2 charging points in the same package 

INCH DUO charger energy management options ensure a stable operation with minimum strain on the local grid. A large LCD touch screen is easy-to-use and gives clear instructions to the user. Chargers with a payment terminal selected, the user can authenticate to the charger directly with their payment card and easily pay for their charges using contactless payment. Identification is also possible with an RFID tag or PIN code. The stainless steel housing has a wide-opening service door, which makes installation easy and shortens maintenance work time. It is possible to choose a circuit breaker for the DUO, a MID meter, an RCD type A or B. DUO also has a choice of Ethernet, WiFi or 4G connection.

Main benefits

A contactless payment module allows faster ad-hoc use without registration.

”Mix & Match” cluster option allows a combination of different INCH chargers in a single cluster.

OCPP compliance allows immediate integration in any charge point management system ensuring a stable operation.

Charging station is made of stainless steel and its large flat surfaces offer ample space for branding and visibility.

Four Inch DUO Chargers were installed in the hotel’s parking lot, each with two charging points. The Charging Solution has a payment terminal that is connected to the backend system, making it possible to easily pay for charging with a Credit Card.

Make it easier to pay for charging and offer a Contactless Charging Solution in a Public Place

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