AC chargers

Smart AC Charging Solutions for all needs

From our wide range of 22 kW AC chargers you will find the right chargers for every charging need. These chargers are suitable for many different applications, such as home, housing companies, the public sector, hotels and shopping malls.

Paying for a charge couldn’t be easier – with INCH Duo you pay conveniently with payment card! 

The stylish and powerful Inch Duo charger is designed with features specifically for public charging. The charger has two charging points in the same and a payment terminal is available as an option, with which the user can easily pay for their charging without separate identification through the app.

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INCH charging station family provides the best user experience and lowers operating costs

Perfect for sites where large clusters are being built, for example housing companies and parking areas as power is intelligently distributed between charging stations.

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High-quality Mennekes chargers are suitable for every application

Mennekes’ diverse selection includes suitable chargers for homes, workplaces and public parking spaces.

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Looking for fast chargers that are versatile for heavy-duty travel charging and depots as well as hotels and shopping malls?

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