InterControl – A Nordic specialist of cleaner traffic and High Power Charging

As one of the first companies in the business, our knowledge is our advantage.

We have over 40 years experience in electricity business

InterControl is established in 2011 and we have solid experince in electricity business. We are experts in the field and we provide you with the best and long-term solutions. We make the charging experience easy and we have a strong vision of the future. We have succeeded to grow into a major, nationwide charging system supplier. The next big step is to be a major supplier in the Baltics.

We operate domestically and internationally

We are located in Turku, Finland and we operate in i.a. Nordic and Baltic countries. We have a wide range of customers in different fields – all from condominiums to service station chains, energy and transportation companies.

We offer European High power and fast chargers, AC-chargers and Busbars

From us you get high-quality and the most versatile Chargers in the market, including all the necessary accessories. We offer also Charging Solution which is an all-inclusive package including everything you need for EV charging. Our product range includes also Busbars for customized power distribution. 

Responsibility and High-Quality are important values for us

We are committed in responsibility and we want to contribute into developing cleaner traffic in the Nordic and Baltic countries. High-Quality is a value we stand for and it is the reason we offer only products that we are using ourselves.